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Free Online Alarm Clock With Style!

Welcome to the internets best free online alarm (recently aquired by XP-Smoker)! Well, maybe that isn't totally true. But being best is relative right?

See, there are many free internet alarm clock out there, so what makes this one special?

Alarm Clock Instructions

I tried to get it down to 1 step, but I figured 2 steps would be pretty darn hard to mess up. Oh, and once loaded, this online alarm clock will continue to work even if your internet connection is lost. Pretty cool huh?

Crazy Fun Colors!

Nothing really. I think it has a cool name though! Eh, EH? You can't disagree with that.

The important part is that why it may not be the best free online alarm, I am working very hard to make it so. And in the mean time, it is 100% functional.

And it's very loud. This is a very loud online alarm clock. A particularly loud alarm clock in fact. So all you heavy sleepers, please feel safe knowing it will wake your ass up!

My Online Alarm Clock - WTFalarmclock History

The story of WTFalarmclock starts nearly 3 years back, in January of 2011. One of my New Years resolutions that year was to learn a new programming or scripting language, because that’s what the cool kids do.

I had always been interested in Javascript, and figured it would be a beneficial skill to develop that I could use when creating websites in the future.

I decided to work on an actual, real life project instead of reading tutorial after tutorial. After some research and reading, I discovered that programming an online alarm clock in javascript was a solid project idea that was simple, yet would help me learn about a few fundamental topics.

Filled with the newly lit fire of a fresh New Years resolution, I went right to work building my crazy new alarm clock project!

Crazy Fun Colors!

After a couple weeks of coding, I had a workable javascript core and had designed this webpage to hold it. On January 30th, 2011, I officially registered the domain name

I decided on WTFalarmclock as the domain name for two primary reasons. I wanted a domain with the words ‘alarm clock’ in it somewhere, and I wanted a .COM.

I started trying all kinds of domain names, only to find that most of them I tried were taken. After 10 minutes of trying different domain names, I let out a “What the &@#$!” in frustration.

After thinking about what I said, I figured WTFalarmclock was about as good as it will get, and bought the domain.

Since then, WTFalarmclock has been sitting here, a functional but virtually unused free online alarm clock. Finally, after nearly three years, I’ve decided to try and take WTFalarmclock and get it in front of the people!

Trust me, it sounds more epic than it is. I really just added a blog so I could share more stuff about sleeping and alarm clocks. Who knows if it's work!

I never intended for this site to get tons of traffic, but I think it would cool to see some kind of regular traffic.

And trust me, if there is one thing I have learn in the past 5 years of owning WTFalarmclock, just because you build it doesn’t me they will come!

Now, stop reading this babble and go to sleep. And use this damn alarm clock already. Good night!

..................Still awake? Allow me to bore you to sleep with some interesting, but dry, history.

History of Alarm Clocks

Old and Cool Clocks

The alarm clock is a gadget that we all take for granted, but we fail to question ourselves who invented alarm clock? From history and knowledge we have, is that old fashioned alarm clock was invented in around 250 BC in ancient Greece.

As we know, there were no alarm clocks in ancient Greece. They had used a kind of water clock that they had created. Water clock used a continuous stream of flowing water to measure time.

The alarm was set off when a lever triggered a whistling sound. Other than the water clock, sundials was another type of alarm clock that was used as an alarm clock in the ancient times.

Almost every person know that sundials clock measured the time based on the position of the sun; even today many of us still have the sundials clock in our garden.

This is because the clock looks neat and very useful as well as decorative.

One would ask why sundials are doing in this alarm clock category hence they had no alarm mechanism. "So if they had no function of and alarm, what are they doing in this post?" many people may ask.

Using Very Loud Alarm Clocks

Referring to the loud alarm clock, in mind we have the knowledge about the mechanical alarm clock. The first alarm clock was invented in the 14th century probably.

When these alarm clocks were made, they were not meant for home use. Instead they were striking clock towers that were meant to be used for the public display.

Old Timer Wind Up Clock

The towers that the alarm were placed in them sometimes had devices/gadget that strike off the hour so that everybody in the town or village would know what time it was. Many of us live near towers that still strike off the hours each day even to alert us to what time it is.

With the small mechanical alarm clock focused, many people/researchers attribute the first alarm clock of this kind to have been invented by Taqi al-Din during the Turkish Empire. In 1559, He writes a book describing how he would make a kind of mechanical alarm clock.

Another known mechanical watch was invented by Hutchins who came from New Hampshire, USA. Mr. Hutchins invented an alarm clock that was going off at 4:00 a.m. always.

He had set the clock at this time since he wanted to wake up at the set time each and every day; the alarm was not made available for sale.

This brings us to another question that most of us will question; when was the first commercial alarm clock made available for sale.

Back in 1847, the first patent for an alarm clock was awarded to an inventor Antoine Redier from French.

Later in 1876, the Seth Thomas Clock Company was awarded a different patent for its small bedside alarm clocks. Probably these became the first small alarm clocks that were manufactured to be used in homes.

Late in 1870s, home use vintage alarm clock had become more popular and were then sold in large quantities. Company Westclox was one of the alarm clock manufacturers in the whole world.

In the present day, the most recent innovative alarm clocks happened in early 2006 when the online alarm clocks were invented, this opened a new chapter in the history of alarm clocks.