Halo World Championship Stream – $2.5 Million Finals March 18th-20th, 2016

LIVE Post Game Stream – MLG FFA

Tournament Details, Brackets, Gametypes and Schedule

Highlights & Replays

Denial Esports vs CLG – Championship Finals

Game 6 – Plaza Slayer

Invisi Fail

Contra Reversal

Bubu Dubu Double

Bubu Dubu Double (Again)

CLG Turns The Tides

CLG North American Champions

Denial Esports vs Allegiance – Semifinals

Game 7 – Plaza Slayer

Cratos No Scope


Denial WINS

Game 6 – Fathom CTF

El Town Opening Jump

Allegiance “Listen In” #1

Allegiance “Listen In” #2

Allegiance First FLag Cap

Allegiance Scores It 2-1

Denial Esports Ties It 2-2

Game 5 – Coliseum Slayer

Allegiance “Listen In” #1

Allegiance “Listen In” #2

Allegiance “Listen In” #3

Naded Rocket Triple Kill

Naded Double and Burns Rest of Rockets

Game Ends 48-50

Game 4 – Eden Strongholds

Bubu Dubu Running Catwalk

Denial Esports Caps and Holds 3 Strongholds

PreDevonator Holding Off Allegiance

Game 3 – Truth CTF

Naded Caps Flag, Score 1-0

Flag Toss Almost Worked

P2 Control & Denial Esports Game Tieing Cap

Allegiance Game Winning Cap

Game 2 – Regret Slayer

Denial Esports “Listen In” #1

Denial Esports “Listen In” #2

Game Ending Kill

Game 1 – The Rig Strongholds

Allegiance “Listen In” #1

Allegiance “Listen In” #2

Allegiance “Listen In” #3

PreDevonator Clutch Double

Evil Geniuses vs Triggers Pound – Quarter Finals

Game 1 – Coliseum CTF

EG First Flag Cap

Snip3down End of Game

Game 2 – The Rig Slayer

No Replays

Game 3 – Plaza Strongholds

Hysteria Caps Bottom Mid

Roy with Invisi and Rail

EG Finish’s The Game