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Frequently Asked Questions


Why am I getting errors with the internet optimizer in XP Smoker Pro?

If you keep getting errors when trying to use the Internet Optimizer feature, the problem is one of these:

1. A firewall is blocking ICMP pings, incoming and outgoing.
Solution: Disable your firewall

2. A proxy server is not allowing the pings.
Solution: Disable your proxy

3. The site you are running the tests against isn't responding.
Solution: Try a different site.


Do you offer support for your freeware applications?

No, we do not offer any support at all for our freeware applications.


Why do your installers offer me other products from advertisers?

In short, it helps to cover the costs of providing you with high quality products for free. Our products do not contain any spyware, and accepting an adversiter offer is optional. We use InstallMonetizer to serve the offers to you from advertisers. We chose InstallMonetizer because their advertising network is very clean and safe to use.


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