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These are some of our most popular freeware titles. They include an online alarm clock called WTFalarmclock, as well as various programs that help tune up and boost the performance of the Windows™ operating system. We have our series of tweaking/optimizing utilities for Windows XP™, Windows Vista™, Windows 7™, and Windows 8™. Each of these utilities is designed to help your computer run better and smoother. They also give tons of settings to customize your computer easily. They also offer a great deal of security tweaks to help keep your computer a little bit safer.

We also create utilities to help cleanup and repair your Windows™ installation. These programs will help you do such things as clean your Desktop, Start Menu and more of invalid shortcuts. There is also a utility to completely restore your copy of Windows™ to its default settings. Including all the system services too. Use one of our programs to fix your TCP/IP and Winsock settings in the registry. We even have a program to search for and remove invalid values in your system registry.

Download one of our freeware titles today.

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8Smoker Pro 1.0- Compatible with Windows 8™. 8Smoker Pro is Freeware
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7Smoker Pro Small Logo 7Smoker Pro 2.0- Compatible with Windows 7™. 7Smoker Pro is Freeware
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RefreshPC Small Logo RefreshPC 2.0- Compatible with Windows XP™, Windows Vista™, Windows 7™, and Windows 8™. RefreshPC is Freeware
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Bad Shortcut Killer Small Logo Bad Shortcut Killer 2.0 - Compatible with Windows XP™, Windows Vista™, Windows 7™, and Windows 8™. Bad Shortcut Killer is freeware
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The best single investment I have ever made in my PC
" I'm a journalist by profession, and use my PC 14-18 hours a day. Cumulatively saving many minutes, that quickly add up to hours and hours, and precluding problems before they can even occur, means lots of money as well as peace of mind to me. I've tried numerous so-called "clean-up" or "optimizing" programs, and not one can even touch XP Smoker Pro for keeping my PC running at a level of smooth, fast functionality like I've never seen. It is highly user-friendly, but if you need tech support, their's is the flat-out best you're ever going to find, period. I was amazed to find myself dealing with a tech support rep who knew his stuff cold, and also was in no hurry to end the session until he knew my questions were answered and any and all issues resolved. The Waresoft Software people are friendly, concerned, and personally care about each of their customers. They are readily available, and best of all, extremely knowledgeable not only about their products, but operating systems in general, and even other third-party programs. This is the best single investment I have ever made in my PC. Anyone who accepts a free trial I guarantee will become a believer from the very first "tune-up." It's everything it claims to be, and my business and me would be lost without it." -- GE in Richmond, VA Read more testimonials...

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